Trude Dijkstra: Printing and Publishing Chinese Religion and Philosophy in the Dutch Republic, 1595-1700

The Chinese Imprint

Author: Trude Dijkstra
Trude Dijkstra discusses how Chinese religion and philosophy were represented in printed works produced in the Dutch Republic between 1595 and 1700. By focusing on books, newspapers, learned journals, and pamphlets, this study sheds new light on the cultural encounter between China and western Europe in the early modern period. Form, content, and material-technical aspects of different media in Dutch and French are analysed, providing new insights into the ways in which readers could take note of Chinese religion and philosophy. This study thereby demonstrates that there was no singular image of Chinese religion and philosophy, but rather a varied array of notions on the subject.

Trude Dijkstra, (Ph.D., Amsterdam 2019) is a visiting postdoctoral scholar at the Warburg Institute, London on a Niels Stensen Fellowship. She has published on intercultural encounters between China and Europe, early modern learned journals, and Confucianism in the Dutch Republic.

Copyright Year: 2022
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