De Gulden Passer, vol. 100 (2022), nr. 2: Competition in the European book market (PDF)

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PDF van editie 2 van 2022, de100ste jaargang van De Gulden Passer, 314 blz.


Angela Nuovo, Joran Proot & Diane E. Booton (eds), Competition in the European book market. Prices and privileges (fifteenth–seventeenth centuries), Antwerp 2022, 314 blz.

In dit nummer:

Angela Nuovo, Joran Proot & Diane E. Booton, Early modern book prices lost and found

Francesco Ammannati & Joran Proot, Book prices from the Officina Plantiniana in a comparative perspective (1586–1631)

Saskia Limbach, Sales and trading in Frankfurt. Feyerabend’s prices in perspective (1565–1597)

Renaud Milazzo, Le marché des livres juridiques à Lyon et à Venise au XVIe siècle

Angela Nuovo & Francesca De Battisti, The price of books in early modern Venice (1586–1600). A statistical analysis

Francesco Ammannati, Notes on Venetian monetary history from the medieval to the early modern era

Andrea Ottone, Renaissance publishers, market risks and empirical methods of assessment. A revised interpretation of Bernardo di Bernardo Giunti’s 1600–1643 catalogue

Erika Squassina, The protection of the printing industry in Venice (1560–1580)

Diane E. Booton, An analysis of book prices in Paris. The first bookseller’s catalogue of Simon de Colines, c. 1540

Kevin M. Stevens, Deciphering the Antoni/De Franceschi partnership in Milan (c. 1588–1591). Some preliminary observations

Maria Alessandra Panzanelli Fratoni, Torti, Giunta & Co. A full programme of publishing legal editions (Venice 1507)

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