Malte Griesse, Monika Barget, and David de Boer (eds.): Revolts and Political Violence in Early Modern Imagery

Series: Brill’s Studies on Art, Art History, and Intellectual History, Volume: 54

Editors: Malte GriesseMonika Barget, and David de Boer
In the early modern period, images of revolts and violence became increasingly important tools to legitimize or contest political structures. This volume offers the first in-depth analysis of how early modern people produced and consumed violent imagery and assesses its role in memory practices, political mobilization, and the negotiation of cruelty and justice. 

Critically evaluating the traditional focus on Western European imagery, the case studies in this book draw on evidence from Russia, China, Hungary, Portugal, Germany, North America, and other regions. The contributors highlight the distinctions among visual cultures of violence, as well as their entanglements in networks of intensive transregional communication, early globalization, and European colonization. 

Contributors include: Monika Barget, David de Boer, Nóra G. Etényi, Fabian Fechner, Joana Fraga, Malte Griesse, Alain Hugon, Gleb Kazakov, Nancy Kollmann, Ya-Chen Ma, Galina Tirnanic, and Ramon Voges.

Malte Griesse, Ph.D. (2008), EHESS in Paris, habilitation (2016) at University of Konstanz, is visiting professor at LMU Munich. His main fields of research are Soviet history, early modern revolts in Europe and autobiographical writing during the Sattelzeit. 

Monika Barget, Ph.D. (2018), University of Konstanz, is postdoctoral researcher at IEG Mainz. Her current research interests include mobility and borders in the early modern period, geo-humanities, public humanities, and the digital analysis of media networks. 

David de Boer, Ph.D. (2019), University of Konstanz and Leiden University, is postdoctoral researcher at University of Amsterdam. His most article is “Between Remembrance and Oblivion. Negotiating Civic Identity after the Sacks of Mechelen (1572, 1580),” Sixteenth Century Journal (2020).

Copyright Year: 2021
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