Jo de Baerdemaeker: Tibetan typeforms

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21 x 29,7 cm
384 pagina’s
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ISBN 978 90 83269 22 1

De Baerdemaeker traces the origin and evolution of typefaces for the Tibetan writing system, and investigates their typo­graphic use from their inception in 1738 to the present day.
The first chapter intro­duces the character-istics of the Tibetan script, followed by a chronological analysis of significant develop-ments in Tibetan typeface design and typographic technologies with­in their historical context. A comparative visual and analytical investigation of designing and casting Tibetan printing types, and their related composing practices concludes this part of the work.
He identifies different methods of resolving the inherent typo­graphic complexities of the Tibetan script, such as the requirement to design a large number of glyphs, the vertical composi­­­tion of conjoined consonants, and the diacritical positioning, among other elements.
Particular attention is paid to the period of hand-composition which laid the foundation of subsequent typographic development.
In addition, De Baerde­maeker analyses the current state of digital Tibetan typefaces, offer­ing a visual and technological study
of the fonts.

The first – and thus far only – rigorously researched and detailled reference work on Tibetan typefaces and typography