Goran Proot, David McKitterick, Angela Nuovo and Paul F. Gehl (eds.): Lux Librorum

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Essays on books and history for Chris Coppens

With a preface by David McKitterick

Number 1 in the series augetur of Flanders Book Historical Society.

xl + 240 p., with 33 illustrations (6 in full colour); 24 × 17 cm. Softcover. Book design Louis van den Eede. isbn 9789082927603.

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David McKitterick Preface

Bram Caers & Linda Fonteyne Bibliography Chris Coppens

Maria Alessandra Panzanelli Fratoni The Cartolari family from Perugia: From paper sellers to publishing house

Angela Nuovo Transferring humanism: The edition of Vitruvius by Lucimborgo de Gabiano (Lyon, 1523)

Kevin M. Stevens Publishing and piracy: A case study of Giovanni Cefali’s Consiliorum (1562/1563)

David McKitterick John Christopherson, humanist and benefactor

Giles Mandelbrote & Goran Proot Prices for Spanish and Latin books published by Martinus Nutius i, ca. 1558

  1. Christopher Warner Quaestiones theologicae, theses sacrae, and some conjectures about the Masius family

Paul Needham Four incunables brought to the Massachusetts Bay Colony

Noël Golvers The Officina Plantiniana in Antwerp as provider of books for the Jesuits in Early Qing China (1616/1617)

Paul G. Hoftijzer An eighteenth-century Danish-German book collector in Leiden: Christianus Carolus von Neumann (ca. 1695–1760) and his Bibliotheca Musaeana

Paul F. Gehl A scholar-librarian collects: Hans Baron at the Newberry Library

Adriaan van der Weel Where will the digital turn in reading take us?

Index of names and places



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