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05 mei 2024 - 20 okt 2024
Nu bezig...

Tentoonstelling: On the Short Life Span of Ceremonial Architecture

In early modern European culture, festivals were not only celebrated but also staged. From sacred to profane, courtly to urban – depending on the occasion, each era designed its own public festivities. An indispensable part of these magnificent events were the temporary festival architectures, each individually designed and built to suit the festival.

The fascination of ephemeral masterpieces
The MO(NU)MENTS cabinet exhibition takes a look at these ephemeral architectural masterpieces that once adorned public spaces during royal ceremonies and other festive occasions. These impressive structures, designed by renowned artists such as Peter Paul Rubens, testify to a desire to capture special moments while demonstrating political power. The exhibition presents a trenchant selection of works from the Liberna Collection, each of which tells the story of the festive moment and the architecture designed for it.

Capturing the short-lived
Just like the moment of celebration itself, the festival architecture was also short-lived. However, from the 15th century onwards, the monuments, which were not made to last forever, were recorded in festival descriptions in words and pictures in order to preserve the unique atmosphere of these events for posterity. The cabinet exhibition presents a selection of these richly illustrated documentations, which are as diverse as the festivals themselves. Thanks to the books, the cabinet exhibition brings the monuments back to life using AR glasses and an interactive media installation.

Experience past splendor anew
Visitors have the unique opportunity to relive the architecture of the early modern period not only through the lens of the festival books on display, but also virtually. AR and projector technology provide a fascinating insight into the ephemeral nature of festival culture. The cabinet exhibition invites visitors to be inspired by the creativity and splendor of times gone by.

Draiflessen Collection
Georgstraße 18
D-49497 Mettingen