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The Antwerp Bibliophile Society and the magazine The Golden Compasses reach a relatively small,
but very targeted audience.
That is why we offer advertising opportunities in the print magazine, in the PDF edition of articles and on the association's website.
Combined advertising in multiple media is possible.

The information below can be downloaded as a media card in PDF format.

The print magazine

The Golden Compasses is an international peer reviewed magazine, dedicated to book history and culture. It has been published since 1923. Each issue has approximately 120 pages.

The magazine is professionally designed and printed. The reader is informed about book scientific research in Flanders, the Netherlands, and beyond, in the form of articles, shorter contributions, reports on acquisitions of Flemish heritage libraries and book reviews.
Contributions appear in Dutch, English and French, and each article is followed by summaries in several languages. It is published with the support of the Flemish government.

2x a year (end of June and end of December)

Print run
310 copies.

The magazine is aimed at an international audience of book and cultural historians, bibliophiles, librarians and antiquarians:

  • all members of the Antwerp Bibliophile Society

  • institutional subscribers in Europe and North America

  • buyers of individual copies via the webshop.

Ad formats
1/1 page (type area 120 x 190 mm)
1/2 page landscape (type area 120 x 90 mm)

Advertising rates
There are three options:

  1. general, non-timed advertisements: appear in the two issues of the same volume or in the second issue of the current volume and the first issue of the subsequent volume. A different advertisement can be submitted for each of these issues.

1/1 page black/white € 500 (two placements)
1/2 page black/white € 300 (two placements)

  1. announcements of events that only take place once a year (antique fairs, congresses, exhibitions, etc.) can be placed per issue.

1/1 page black/white € 250 (one placement)
1/2 page black/white € 150 (one placement)

  1. one-time insertion of an pre-folded leaflet (max. 20 grams and no larger than the page size of the magazine): € 400. Rate for higher weight on request.

Articles and contributions in PDF form

A PDF version is made of all articles and contributions of all new issues. Deze zijn te bestellen via de webshop. They are intensively promoted, including on search engines.
For the first five years, the purchase price is € 7, after which they can be downloaded for free.
There is an advertising option in the PDF versions.
Because these products are sold over a longer period of time, there is no possibility to place occasional announcements.
Average sales and / or download figures are not available.

Target audience
The PDF editions are intended for an international audience of collectors, professionals and students interested in specific topics.

Ad sizes
These are the same as those of advertisements in the print edition of De Gulden Passer:
1/1 page (type area 120 x 190 mm)
1/2 page landscape (type area 120 x 90 mm)

Advertising rates
There are two options:

  1. the advertisement appears in one specific PDF, to be selected from the table of contents of the print edition:

1/1 page black/white or colour € 50
1/2 page black/white or colour € 30

  1. de advertentie verschijnt in alle pdf’s van artikelen en bijdragen uit de gedrukte editie (gemiddeld gaat dit om 6 pdf’s):

1/1 page black/white or colour € 150
1/2 page black/white or colour € 90

This website

Thiswwebsite strives to be a meeting place and a source of information for everyone who, as a collector or as a professional, is involved in books and other printed matter in the broadest sense.
In addition to the webshop and information about the society, it contains an agenda with events throughout Europe and a growing range of need to know and nice to know information.
At the bottom of every page of the website, space is provided for a limited number of advertisements: in the association section just above the footer , in the webshop just below.
No information is available yet about the number of visitors to the newly developed website, which is reflected in the temporary promotional offer.

Ad format
370px tall by 400px wide

Advertising rate
Advertisements are placed on the website for a period of one year.
Rate: € 50.
In case of renewal, a discount of 20% applies on the rate applicable at the time of renewal. Rates for new contracts can be revised at any time in function of the further development of the website and the number of visitors.