Journal for Book History

the golden compasses

A publication of the Society of Antwerp Bibliophiles, dedicated to the history of the book. Published twice a year.

With the support of the Universitaire Stichting (University Foundation)

The Golden Compasses is an internationally renowned book scientific journal published twice a year, viz. late June and late December. All aspects related to the production, distribution and consumption of the book and other printed matter, old and new, are covered. The journal used to focus mainly on The Netherlands, but in recent years it has also provided space for other innovative book book historical research. As a publication of the association of Society of Antwerp Bibliophiles, special attention is given to the collection of books, ephemeral printed matter and related objects.

Each issue contains a number of scientific articles that are sujected todouble blind peer review. In addition, the journal contains sections such as Bibliographic Notes, Contributions, Acquisitions from Flemish Heritage Libraries, Book Reviews and Signals. The editors can also call on external experts for these sections. For all texts, the editors always act in full independence.

The Golden Compasses accepts texts in Dutch, English, French and German. In order to guarantee the accessibility of all texts, summaries in different languages are included for all articles and long contributions.