Kristof Selleslach, Family trees + portraits

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Family trees + portraits

Kristof Selleslach  in De Gulden Passer, vol. 98 (2020), nr. 2, pp. 302–308 (+ 11 portraits)


Annex to: Nina Lamal & J. Christopher Warner (eds), Christophe Plantin 1520-2020. Studies of the Officina Plantiniana at the quincentennial of Plantin’s birth, Antwerp 2020 (De Gulden Passer, vol. 98 (2020), nr. 2)

Family trees:

  1. The direct descendants of Christopher Plantin and Jeanne Rivière
  2. The relations of Balthasar Moretus II
  3. The Goos family
  4. The De Neuf family
  5. The common ancestry of Balthasar Moretus II and Peeter Moerentorf the Elder


  1. Christopher Plantin
  2. Jeanne Rivière
  3. Jan Moretus I
  4. Martina Plantin
  5. Balthasar Moretus I
  6. Jan Moretus II
  7. Maria de Sweert
  8. Balthasar Moretus II
  9. Anna Goos
  10. Balthasar Moretus III
  11. Anna Maria de Neuf



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