The Golden Compasses, vol. 98 (2020), No. 1

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Number 1 of 2020, the 98th volume of The Golden Compasses

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In this edition:

Jos Bernaer: Decorated and Lombard Initials in Gutenberg’s 42-line Bible
Bram Caers: Een ‘bibliotheekgedicht’ van de Mechelse rederijker Willem de Gortter
Xevi Camprubí: The importance of ephemera for the printing industry in the early modern period
Emily Rose: Books owned by a Renaissance queen: Elisabeth of Bohemia
Kristof Selleslach: The confirmation of the Officina Plantiniana’s general privilege in 1641
Alisa van der Haar: A Plantin Grammar Rediscovered

Xander Feys: A Hippocrates for eight nickels
Marie Kympers & Hilde Langeraert: Three centuries of the graphics industry

In Memoriam
Alexandre Vanautgaerden: Jean-François Gilmont (1934-2020): From Rome to Geneva, via Leuven

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