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Ross King: The Florence Bookseller

The Renaissance, Printing and the Changing Power of IdeasA compelling story about ‘the king of the booksellers’ In the mid-15th century, it was said that all the wisdom in the world could be found in Vespasiano da Bisticci’s bookshop in Florence. There, beautiful manuscripts for the European elite were produced and important works of the Classical era were rediscovered and distributed. The store attracted the city’s greatest thinkers.Then a new technique arrives in Florence in 1476. The nunnery of San Jacopo di Ripoli on the other side of the city obtained a printing press from a bankrupt German printer. In

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Liber amicorum amicarumque Jozef Dauwe

Juventutis Dux, Juris DoctorLiber amicorum amicarumque Jozef Dauwe Jozef Dauwe (1946) is known as a student leader, researcher, lawyer, politician, publicist, administrator, collector and so much more.On the occasion of his 75th birthday, 34 friends describe in two books of 464 pages together a part of the history of Flanders from the Crusades to the 21st century.The contributions on art, culture, heritage, student life, law and politics come from the pen of Rik Van Cauwelaert, Katharina Van Cauteren, Piet Buyse, Rik Opsommer, Leo Pée, Wouter Druwé, Bart Demuyt, Ann Kelders, Luc Vermeiren, Dirk De Cock, Dirk Baestaens, Paul De Win,

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Noël Golvers: JOHANN SCHRECK TERRENTIUS, SJ 648 p., 8 b/w ills + 30 col. ills, 156 x 234 mm, 2021, HB, ISBN: 978-2-503-58143-9 € 95 (excl. VAT)The scholarly network and background of a Jesuit polymath, Johann Terrentius (1576-1630), in Europe (1600-1618) and his work as a China missionary (1619-1630), in alchemy, medicine, mathematics, botany, etc.; founder of Jesuit libraries in China and Jesuit scholarship, aiming at the transmission of knowledge to ChinaA thorough analysis of the sinuous ‘peregrinatio academica’ of Johann Terrentius Schreck (1576-1630) between 1600-1618 through (South-Central- and NW-) European universities, academies and courts (at Freiburg /Br.; Paris; Rome;

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Christophe Plantin & son officine

Célèbration du cinquième centenaire de la naissance de Christophe Plantin (circa 1520-1589) The book world celebrates the 5th centenary of the birth of Christophe PlantinOriginaire de touraine, Christophe Plantin s’installe vers 1549 à Anvers, une plaque tournante du commerce international. Il y établit en 1555 les fondements de la plus fixed entreprise d’imprimerie que l’Europe d’Ancien Régime ait connue. Génie des affaires et typographe de talent, il fait de son officine, qui a pris pour enseigne «le Compas d’or», l’un des plus importants soutiens éditoriaux de la Contre-Réforme, ce qui ne l’empêche pas de se livrer à certaines activités clandestines.Dès

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Charles Nodier: The Bibliomaniac

The first edition of ‘De Bibliomaan’ was published by the recently established ‘Stichting Desiderata, society for book friends’. It concerns not only the translation of the famous story ‘Le Bibliomane’ by the French author Charles Nodier by Martin Hulsenboom, but the translation is supplemented with a biographical portrait of Nodier by Peter IJsenbrant, and a meticulous research into the background by Ed Schilders. The book is published by Desiderata in the best bibliophile tradition: very well cared for. The following offer applies especially to members of the Association of Antwerp Bibliophiles: The book (ISBN: 978-90-822545-4-9) has been beautifully published. It

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Prof. Dr Hubert Meeus: Research skills in literature and book history. IN DUTCH

Thorough researchers not only need knowledge, they also need to master the right skills. This book first of all provides an introduction to the basic practice of scientific research for students in the arts and book history, and furthermore for anyone who wants to conduct research in the cultural sciences. It presents the successive steps in an investigation from the choice of the subject to the publication of the results with guidance for gathering information and critically evaluating the sources. Anyone who understands how libraries, bibliographies and the Internet function can also use them more efficiently. The chapter on book

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