Charles Nodier: The Bibliomaniac

The first edition of ‘De Bibliomaan’ was published by the recently established ‘Stichting Desiderata, society for book friends’. It concerns not only the translation of the famous story ‘Le Bibliomane’ by the French author Charles Nodier by Martin Hulsenboom, but the translation is supplemented with a biographical portrait of Nodier by Peter IJsenbrant, and a meticulous research into the background by Ed Schilders. The book is published by Desiderata in the best bibliophile tradition: very well cared for.

The following offer applies especially to members of the Association of Antwerp Bibliophiles:

The book (ISBN: 978-90-822545-4-9) has been beautifully published. It has 160 pages, has dozens of color images and is bound in linen with dust jacket and two reading ribbons. A bookmark in the form of an Alsatian meter is added to the book. The normal price of the book is € 29.50 (excluding shipping costs). For members of the Association of Antwerp Bibliophiles a reduced price of € 27.50 (including shipping costs) applies. If you submit your order to the email address [email protected] (with your name and address) you will receive the book with invoice.